Why did giving birth become painful?
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Painful birthing became more and more prevalent with the civilisation of our society and with the intervention of the medical profession.  As soon as women gave control of the birthing process to doctors and it stopped being the domain of the mother, the midwife and other women in the extended family/community, it became painful.  Now I’m not saying that there is no place for medicine in childbirth, but where a woman is healthy and her pregnancy normal, she is the very best person to deliver her baby safely, easily and without pain.

Let’s not put all the blame onto the medical profession, we should also recognise that the stories we hear and tell ourselves have a huge impact on us.  We live in an age of instant communication, which means that we can hear horror stories via TV and other media – the more dramatic the better!!  And of course, our friends and families often can’t resist telling us how bad something was...  Usually they don’t tell these things to frighten us, but simply to gain sympathy and recognition for their bravery and courage. 

Now for many people, knowledge and understanding of a process can bring a sense of security and comfort.  So during this hypnobirthing course we will cover, in very simple terms, how and why a woman's body is perfectly designed to deliver her baby calmly and comfortably.  With that understanding we will practice a wide range of skills that will become second nature to you.

You can use your new found hypnobirthing skills in conjunction with your chosen birthing plan, whether that’s in hospital, at home, even a waterbirth, the Handford Natural Birthing programme can help them all.

We have seen over and over again how this simple knowledge allows parents to feel empowered and in control of the birthing process, and it can for you too!

So, if you’re ready to get in touch with your natural self and abilities, then contact us now and let’s get started.

Why choose us?

We will provide you with a “toolkit” which is not only highly effective for creating a swift, relaxed and calm natural childbirth experience, but can also be used to deal with life’s other stressful situations.

Male and female partners (birthing partners) are trained and educated to understand their critical role in the natural birth process in a way that eclipses other antenatal classes.

The only course that offers a post birth de-brief and further support.

Unlike many other similar courses the included hypnobirthing CD is written and recorded by Sandra Handford to fully complement and maintain continuity between the classes and practice, right through to the birth.

We will travel to you if none of our classes is convenient for you – a strong consideration when considering travel arrangements as your pregnancy progresses.

If you want to learn more about this hypnobirthing programme, please explore this site and then contact us for a chat and discover if this is the antenatal class that you've been looking for.

When a woman has a natural, drug free and often pain free childbirth experience, then her baby will also have a drug free, natural birth. That may sound obvious, but what it means is that the very first experience your baby will have, will be calmer and more comfortable and, without drugs, your baby will be more alert in those very first moments.

When parents who have used Hypnobirthing techniques first hold their new baby, they can do so with a loving calmness that will create a positive blueprint for the way their baby forms relationships for the rest of its life. Sandra has specialised in working with women and couples for many years, helping them to overcome fertility issues; to identify and address their concerns and anxieties around labour and birth. As part of her continual quest to develop her skills, she trained using the Marie Mongan method and whilst she believes that this American HypnoBirthing format is good, her own experience has enabled her to develop a much more extensive "toolkit" that can be used to support parents in any situation to help them to deal with the stresses that life throws at them.

We believe that it is important not just to give you a specific childbirth hypnosis script for that special event, but to teach you how to use all the tools in the toolkit. No two births are the same, so how can 'one size fit all'. By teaching Mums and their birthing partners how to use the tools, they can create their own experience. It's the difference between buying a flatpack bookcase and having one made for you by a craftsman.

The result of her many years of experience is that Sandra has designed a programme that not only helps with conception, but also supports couples through pregnancy and delivery and into the post natal phase – or as we like to call it, life! This is the only course of this type that includes a de-briefing session. This is where couples can meet up with the rest of their group to show off their new babies and to catch up with each other.

For those parents who want to talk through their experience on a one-to-one basis can also take advantage of this service. So if you're looking for a comprehensive antenatal Hypnobirthing course in Kent designed to support and empower you, we will give you and your husband – or birthing partner –all the prenatal training that you need.

Whatever type of naturally, calm birth experience you are looking for, including a water birth or a homebirth, the great thing is that our hypnobirthing programme will work in harmony with them all.
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