Birthing Stories

“I heard about Sandra when I was trying to get pregnant for the second time.  I’d fallen pregnant with my first son, Toby, very easily and had a normal birth in hospital.  It took just over 11 hours and I used gas and air during the labour. 

He got stuck and I had to have an episiotomy followed by 22 stitches.  It was really stressful, but he was so beautiful, so small and wrinkled, I couldn’t stop looking at him.

I had always wanted a big family, so I was really upset when I couldn’t get pregnant again.  I began to get obsessed with my monthly cycle, I tried not to think about it, but just before my period was due I would get my hopes up only to crash into depression when it started.  Looking back I realise how difficult I must have been to live with.

Eventually we went to the doctor and had various tests which all came back normal.  Months went by and still nothing happened, then I heard about Sandra from a friend.

I went to see her for a one-to-one session and she was lovely.  She was so calm and friendly, just listening to her voice made me relax.  The first thing she told me was that we were to stop trying to get pregnant for at least 6 months, that it would take that long for the body to re-adjust.  It was strange because on one hand I felt a bit disappointed, but on the other I felt relieved.

We just chatted and I found myself telling her all sorts of stuff about my life that appeared to have nothing to do with having children.  It was amazing how together we unravelled all the threads that had tangled themselves into an emotional block.  Sandra taught me all sorts of hypnosis techniques that I still use when I get stressed by life.


Six months later, almost to the day, I discovered I was pregnant!  I wasn’t that surprised, Sandra has taught me the power of our bodies when we are in balance.  It was a no brainer for my husband, John and me to attend her natural birthing programme and by using her hypnobirthing techniques, we had the most calm and peaceful homebirth.  Our second son, Thomas was born after just four and a half hours.  John was brilliant and so was our midwife, she sat in the corner of the room reading a book, just being on hand in case we needed her.  She was surprised when I said that the baby was coming, and she came over expecting to examine me to find that his head was almost out.  A couple of minutes later Thomas was born and John placed him on my tummy; we just rested quietly, looking at each other.  The midwife gave us some space to enjoy this amazing moment.  Shortly afterwards the placenta was delivered, easily and without drugs.  Even though I hadn’t had a particularly difficult birth with my first son, this was an entirely different experience. 

We have three children now, all boys.  Jimmy’s hypnobirth was just as wonderful, we can thoroughly recommend the Handford Natural Birthing programme.  I’m so glad now that I had trouble getting pregnant, if I hadn’t I might never have met Sandra and would have missed two of the most blissful experiences of my life.  We can’t thank you enough.

Liz S. Rochester 

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